Keeping It Local Online Shopping



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Keeping It Local Online Shopping



I put together a list of businesses that are local and offer online shopping.  Unfortunately, there are not a lot of them.   With people like me that do not like mask and do not like dealing with going out or people that want to avoid going out over fear of the virus, online shopping is essential.   Lets not forget about the threat of another lockdown either.   So, why let the Amazon’s, Walmart’s, and other big box stores tread all over us because they have online shopping.  I am going to create a local online shoppers guide for small business, but here is a temporary one.


If you want to have a hyper link to your site, it will cost you $10/mth.  Once I have the site up and running, there will be an option to pay.  You can have the link go to your site or a page on my site.    The plan is to market this site and shopping local online on my Scoop News site.  If you are interested in this, once it go live email me at


Regarding getting your site set up for online shopping.  This is something the can be done in a couple hours.  I am debating offering a service to do it or outsourcing it.  So, if you are a site designer and would like to work with me on it, send an email to