Student Booted From Online Class Over Trump Flag 

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Twitter screen shot



Student Booted From Online Class Over Trump Flag

New Jersey teen says multiple teachers told him to remove Trump 2020 banner

By Dan Lyman

A New Jersey high school student says he was ejected from an online class after a teacher ordered him to take down a Trump 2020 flag in his room


Anthony Ribeiro, a junior at Toms River High School North, says he was at home sitting in front of his computer while his chemistry teacher was taking attendance prior to a virtual class on Oct. 8th


“When he took attendance, he said, ‘Anthony, take down the sign right now. There’s no place in my room for politics,’” Ribeiro explained in comments to NJ Advance Media. “Then, he asked again. I just shook my head, ‘no.’


“Then he said, ‘If you’re not going to take it down, it’s unacceptable and I’m going to have to ask you to leave the class today.’”

Ribeiro says he waved goodbye, exited the class, and informed his mother, Tara Jost, about what had happened.


“I was totally shocked,” Jost said. “My son takes his academics very seriously, and for this teacher to kick him out of learning that day for something that was in my home — it wasn’t offensive to anyone, it wasn’t something put in anyone’s face, it wasn’t a distraction to anyone. I don’t think he should’ve been kicked out of class for that.”