Sarasota and Manatee School Approved Reopening Plans





Sarasota and Manatee School Approved Reopening Plans



Florida Department of Education



On July 6, 2020, the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) provided further guidance to school districts through an Emergency Order – 2020-EO-06: Further Guidance for Closing Achievement Gaps and Creating Safe Spaces for Learning.  FDOE took bold steps to ensure that Florida schools will be open while also providing equally as pivotal flexibilities that directly prioritize health and safety and benefit families, school districts and schools. This order also gave districts the financial security and confidence to secure a seat for a student that may decide to begin the school year in a non-traditional setting, be it virtual or one of the many innovative ways Florida districts are providing education, and later return to the classroom. The order combined with the FDOE’s Recommendations to Reopen Florida’s Schools and the Cares Act Plan are designed to work together to ensure each and every student in Florida can continue to receive a world class education, give parents a choice in their students education, and prioritize safety.


These additional flexibilities also created pathways for school districts to craft their own locally conceived plans that work best for the communities they serve, while ensuring school districts receive the guidance and security they need to comply with numerous state and federal laws to ensure every student, including those with medical vulnerabilities, English Language Learners and students with disabilities. Each district created unique, innovative plans that prioritize the safety and security of students and educators and ensuring ALL Florida students can continue to receive a world-class education. The plans are due to FDOE by July 31, 2020. View these plans below:


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Sarasota County Reopening Plan (PDF)

Manatee County Reopening Plan (PDF)


Charlotte County is not approved yet